Preview: Dinner Party Blackmail (Rough group play between a teen housewife and three dominant men) – Cheating Wife Stories, book 3

It’s up to her: three men use her body as they wish … or they tell her husband what she’s done. 

When Ashley and her husband get invited to a dinner party thrown by Dave — the man she just cheated with — and his wife, Ashley is terrified about how it will go. Her husband cannot find out about how only a week before, Dave used and controlled her body for his pleasure, and she’s worried one of them will slip up. 

But she’s completely unprepared for what happens when she arrives. Rather than trying to protect their secret together, Dave betrays Ashley by offering her a deal: either she succumbs to his desires for a second time, or he tells her husband everything. And this time, his friends get to use her too.

Ashley is shocked by the blackmail. But what choice does she have? Between courses, with her husband and the men’s wives in the next room, she does as she’s told, increasingly excited by the kinky, dirty requests. But as the dominant men take things further and further, can they really avoid getting caught?

This 7,400-word erotic short contains rough sex, humiliation and submission, anal sex, and cheating spouses.


Ashley should’ve known that sleeping with a neighbor would not be a good idea. With the two frat guys she’d fucked, she never had to worry about seeing them again, but a neighbor? She hadn’t thought that one through very well.

Although Ashley had never noticed Dave before she’d needed to borrow sugar and ended up in his bed — and on his floor — once all was said and done, she couldn’t stop noticing him. She seemed to see him everywhere now.

And half the time, her husband, Mike, was with her. She didn’t think Mike suspected anything, but she wasn’t very good at keeping her cool.

One day, she and Mike ran into Dave and his wife while they were out to dinner in the neighborhood. Ashley flushed deep red upon spotting them on the other side of the restaurant, not sure what to say to either the man who had handcuffed her and fucked her hard, nor to his unsuspecting wife, and she hoped she wouldn’t have to say anything at all.

But Dave and his wife stopped by their table on their way out. “Hello, I think I’ve seen you around the neighborhood,” Dave said to her while they were finishing dessert.

Ashley almost choked on her bite of chocolate mousse. “Hi,” she said awkwardly. “Yes, I do think I recognize you. I’m Ashley, and this is my husband, Mike.” She put an emphasis on the word husband.

Dave stuck his hand out toward her. “I’m Dave, and this is Marjorie.” He looked amused at Ashley’s obvious embarrassment, and she guessed that this was not his first time cheating on Marjorie.

Everyone shook hands, and Mike expressed surprise that Dave and Marjorie lived so close to them, yet they’d never met.

“Yes, it really is a shame,” said Dave. “We should have you over to dinner to get to know one another better.”

Ashley froze in shock. She felt a shiver of fear go up her spine. Dinner? With her husband and a man she had so recently cheated on her husband with?

But of course, she couldn’t say that. Instead, she nodded weakly and said, “That sounds great,” with a forced smile.

“Wonderful,” Dave said, and she thought she detected a sadistic glint in his eyes. “How about this Saturday?”

“That seems perfect to me,” Mike said. “How about you, honey?”

Plans made, Mike and Ashley finished their dessert while Dave and Marjorie left the restaurant, but Ashley could no longer enjoy her mousse. All she could think about was what might happen on Saturday. Over the last few days since she had slept with Dave, she had thought often about his cock inside of her, the way he grabbed her and fucked her roughly, the way he forced himself into her mouth. She loved every second of it, and she daydreamed about it happening again — but not like this. Mike was not supposed to meet Dave. Their paths were not supposed to cross. She could not get caught. She and Mike might have their problems, but a continued affair just was not an option — and neither was divorce.

Yet, Ashley couldn’t help but start to feel wet in her panties at the thought of being in Dave’s house again. She remembered the seafoam green walls, the hard tile floor in the kitchen where she had been held down by Dave’s muscular body. She had to admit that more than once in the intervening days, she had lain in bed after Mike left for work, masturbating furiously at the memory of Dave’s thick shaft deep inside of her tight pussy.

On Saturday evening, Ashley’s nervousness had built to the point of almost bubbling over. She was so anxious she wasn’t sure she’d be able to eat at dinner. She pulled on a tight-fitting, curve-showing dress. They would not be able to play this evening, of course, but she still couldn’t fight the desire to look good for him.

She and Mike walked across the street together at 7 o’clock, Ashley’s heart in her throat as they knocked on the door. When Dave answered, Ashley was surprised to hear peals of female laughter coming from the dining room. Although she had not seen Dave’s dining room during her previous visit, the house was an exact replica of her own, so she knew right where the laughter was coming from. It was almost like being back in her own house, a bizarro version of her house.

“Are there others here tonight as well?” she asked.


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Preview: Earning Her Reward (Rough play between a bored housewife and a dominant stranger) – Cheating Wife Stories, book 2

Earning Her RewardDescription:  

He uses her body like her husband never would…. 

Ashley is baking a cake for her husband’s charity auction, but her mind is on sex. When she realizes that she’s out of sugar, she tries to find a neighbor to lend her some, feeling like a suburban cliche.

Dave, the well-built, shirtless man mowing the lawn down the street, is all too happy to help her out — for a price. As Ashley strips off her clothing and reluctantly caves to his demands, she earns more and more sugar … but the teaspoons aren’t adding up fast enough. If she wants to be done before her husband gets home, she’ll have to cross a few more lines and give this rough, dominant stranger what he really wants. Before long, she’s handcuffed and begging to break her marital vows while Dave cracks a whip up and down her body.

This 5,700-word short about a reluctant housewife eroticizes cheating. If that’s not something that gets you going, you won’t like this story!


Ashley was baking a cake, but in her mind she was back in the frat house where just a week earlier she had been taken roughly by two dominant guys who weren’t going to let her into their party otherwise. As one hand stirred together flour, salt, and baking soda, the other wandered up and down her body, remembering their touch.

Ashley still couldn’t believe that she had cheated on Mike, her husband, much less with two men at the same time. But when she was totally honest with herself, she had to admit that she had no regrets. Mike just didn’t satisfy her, and these men had known exactly how she wanted to be taken — roughly.

Absently, Ashley opened the cabinet and reached in for the sugar, remembering them reaching into her. It wasn’t there.

“Dammit!” she swore. She’d forgotten that she’d used the last of it in some cookies she’d made to welcome Mike back from his business trip at the end of the weekend. She’d felt guilty for what she’d been doing while he was gone.

He hadn’t suspected a thing, eating the cookies gratefully.

Ashley had a moment of panic about the sugar. She was already running late getting this cake baked for Mike’s company’s charity auction, and if she had to go to the store for sugar, there was no way she’d be done in time. Ashley and Mike lived in the suburbs, and the closest store was a 15-minute drive away. Add in time spent finding the sugar and then standing in line, and it would take way too long.

She considered honey, but wasn’t sure how to cake would turn out. She considered using all brown sugar, but decided she couldn’t risk it. It was the biggest cliché in the book, but there was only one answer: she’d have to ask her neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar. Two, actually.

Feeling foolish, Ashley slipped on flip-flops and headed outside. Most of the houses were empty and still, but across the street and two houses down, she saw a man mowing his front lawn. His shirt was off, and he was sweaty. She had to admit that she enjoyed looking at his buff chest, dripping with the effort of his chore.

Ashley approached the man, who didn’t notice her until she was almost right next to him, the noise of the engine was so loud. When he cut the engine, the air felt still around them.

“I’m so sorry to bother you,” Ashley began, “but I have a favor to ask.”

The man wiped sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. Oh, he was sexy alright. “I’m Ashley,” she said. “I live right there.” She pointed back at her own house.

“Dave,” the man said, extending his other hand. His grip was firm on her much smaller hand. “What can I do for you?”

“I feel so ridiculous asking you this, but I’m baking a cake for this charity auction my husband’s company is holding. And I just discovered I’m out of sugar.”

The man smiled at her, looking like he was trying not to laugh. “Oldest trick in the book,” he said.

“No!” Ashley protested. “I really am —”

“No worries,” Dave told her. “I think we have sugar. Come on inside.”

Gratefully, Ashley followed him up the steps and into his house. It looked much like hers, though the walls were painted seafoam green rather than Ashley and Mike’s gray. Otherwise, everything was the same. She hated the cookie-cutter house where they lived.

When Ashley heard the click of the lock behind her, she turned back with a start. “What are you doing?” she asked quickly, alarmed.

“I’m happy to give you your sugar, but what are you going to give me in return?” Dave asked.

Ashley was outraged. “Give you? What happened to neighbors doing favors for other neighbors?”

“I prefer tit for tat,” Dave said, reaching out toward her. He put his hand on her breast. She felt her nipple harden instinctively. Remembering the two men from the frat party, she wondered if she were capable of cheating on Mike again. And so soon.

Dave was standing in front of the door as though guarding it, though he didn’t look like he would actually prevent her from leaving. He looked like this was all a game to him.

Well, Ashley knew how to play games.

“I’ll just get it from someone else, then,” she said breezily. He stood with his arms folded over his chest, staring at her. He was still dripping with sweat down his bare chest. She definitely found him attractive. Without meaning to, she began imagining getting down on her knees in front of that hot body, and putting his cock in her mouth.


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Preview: Frat Party Entrance Fee (Rough MMF threesome with a reluctant housewife) – Cheating Wife Stories, book 1

Her husband will never find out … 

When Ashley’s husband goes out of town for work, she finds herself daydreaming about the life she might have had — if she hadn’t gotten married so young. The horny 19-year-old wanders around a college campus and into a frat party, where she pretends to be just another student. Hiding her purse, she heads outside to refill her beer from the keg … and the night takes an unexpected turn.

Two guys from the frat are guarding the door and refuse to let Ashley back in, even to get her purse. There’s only one way she can get back into this party, and she’s not going to like it … or will she?

This 5,900-word erotic short story features a reluctant housewife whose limits are pushed further and further as she’s dominated by two alpha males.


Ashley was bored — and horny.  Her husband was on a work trip this weekend, and she was all alone.  Ashley loved her husband, but in the 10 short months they’d been married, she had quickly realized that they were not as well-suited to one another as she had originally thought.  For one, she needed to be fucked roughly, while Mike was delicate with her, as though she would break.

But damn if she would ever allow her mom the satisfaction of being right about their marriage.

“You’re too young to get married,” her mom had said when Ashley had told her she and Mike were engaged the year before. “What’s wrong with dating for a while longer, just to make sure it’s right?”

But Ashley and Mike hadn’t wanted to wait, and so a few months later, they were married. And now here she was, a 19-year-old stay-at-home housewife, living in the suburbs, running errands and cleaning the house while her husband worked long hours to support them both. She had wanted to get a job too, but Mike had old-fashioned ideas about the way the family should be run. He wanted to support them both, and he wanted Ashley to stay home, even before they had kids. Ashley felt as though she had skipped right over her young adulthood and gone from being a teenager to being middle-aged — she felt settled, secure…and bored.

Ashley sighed. She had been washing dishes at the sink, and now she set down the bowl she’d been scrubbing, turned off the water, and removed her gloves. She was sick of cleaning. It was Friday night! Didn’t she know anyone other than her husband anymore? Wasn’t there someone she could call up? No, she realized. Probably not. All their friends were other couples, and they were really Mike’s friends anyway.

Feeling antsy, Ashley went out onto her front porch and looked around her. Up and down the street, cookie-cutter houses sat on pristine lawns. Expensive SUVs sat in a few of the driveways, though most were tucked safely away into closed garages. It was like the real-life Wisteria Lane out here — without the excitement.

Well, maybe Ashley would make her own excitement. Suddenly inspired, she went inside and threw on some of her old clothes from high school, clothes from before she had needed to present herself as a well-groomed manager’s wife. The jeans felt good against her skin, old and familiar. She pulled out a tank top, admiring her figure in the mirror. She looked like she could be a college student. Part of her wished she’d gone that route, as her mom had insisted.

Ashley put on makeup, turning her lips bright red, slipped into a pair of comfortable, casual, yet sexy low heels, and almost before she could stop herself went outside and got into her car. She didn’t even know where she was going, she just knew she had to go. She needed to do something new, something different, something to break up the routine. She needed to feel like a person again, not just a wife. And with Mike out of town all weekend, he would never even have to know.

She found herself driving out of the suburban neighborhood into town. Without thinking, she turned down a road that led into the city’s college campus. Two young women were talking and laughing, wearing backpacks, looking as though they were on their way home from class. A couple of men were lazily throwing a football around on the lawn in front of an old, beautiful stone building. A few others were sitting on the grass, having a picnic.

Ashley began daydreaming. She imagined herself among these students, her friends, no worries or cares in the world. She imagined herself going to class, doing homework, living in a dorm or sorority house. She imagined sneaking drinks with older friends who bought her alcohol. She imagined being a slut, sleeping with whoever she wanted, whenever. Exploring her sexuality. She wondered if that’s what life would be like for her if she had never met Mike. It was a fun fantasy.

Ashley kept driving. She was moving away from the academic buildings and toward student housing. There were a few apartment buildings that were clearly dominated by students, and then she got to a row of frat houses.

Frats were a totally new thing for Ashley. Having never been to college, the only thing she knew about frats was what she had seen in movies. She didn’t know if her impression was accurate, but she had always been a little bit curious about these groups of young men living together. It sounded sexy. She had heard stories of things that frat brothers had done, such as sharing women, and the thought turned her on, though she herself had always been a good girl who would never engage in something like that. She was curious, though.


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Preview: Jenna’s Sex Ed Class (Life of an Escort series, #3)

She’s on display, just waiting for what they’ll do next …


Jenna had gotten some unusual calls for her escorting services, but this was a new one. The call was from a college professor who wanted her to come to his sex ed class.

She was confused. “You want me to help you instruct sex ed?” she asked.

“Yes, in a sense,” he said. “I’ve noticed that many of my students come into college not knowing much at all about sex. Specifically, they learn about the anatomy in school, but they don’t learn about pleasure.”

“Okay,” she said, still confused. “So what would I be helping with?”

“These are all 18- and 19-year-olds, and they are extremely sexually inexperienced,” he said. “I want you to teach them how to please a woman, and how to take pleasure from a woman. Even the women need a lesson in accepting pleasure.”

Jenna faltered. “That sounds great, but I haven’t really done much teaching,” she said. “I don’t know if I’d be any good at that.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” he said. “I’ll do the actual teaching, I just need you to be the…model.”

She was starting to get an idea of what he meant now. Standing in front of a room full of young men and women, horny and inexperienced, and…what? Pointing to various parts of her body? Discussing her likes and dislikes while the professor explained the mechanics of female pleasure? Would this be like a drawing class? she wondered. Would she actually get naked for them? Surely not. Not in a college class.

“You’re going to need to be more specific,” she said.

“I need you to let my students experiment on you,” he said, “and to try out the techniques I’m describing. I may have unorthodox methods, but I find that students learn best by doing.” He put in on emphasis on the word “doing.”

So his students would be looking at her, naked. And…experimenting?

“When you say doing, do you mean they’ll actually be touching me?” she asked.


Jenna thought for a moment. Standing up in front of a classroom full of young adults, allowing them to experiment on her body, play with her however they wished, and learn about how to pleasure her? She couldn’t quite imagine it, but it sure sounded like fun.

“I’m in,” she said. “What time do you need me there?”

They made arrangements for the next week, and Jenna hung up the phone excited.

When the time came to go to the class, she wasn’t sure what to wear. In the end, she decided to go for a casual yet professional look. She hoped it said TA to the students — teaching assistant, that was, not tits and ass. Though come to think of it, she hoped it said both. She wore a button-up shirt over a tank top undershirt, tight slacks that showed off her ample curves, and boots.

When she arrived at the college campus, she found the classroom the professor had told her, and slipped inside. It was still 20 minutes before class was supposed to start, and the room was empty aside from the professor. “Hi,” she said to him, her voice echoing in the empty, cavernous auditorium. It was a larger classroom than she’d expected. “I’m Jenna.”

“Hi, Jenna,” he said. “I’m Prof. Markman. Thank you for coming today.” His tone was professional and detached enough that she wondered if she had misunderstood his intention.

The professor looked her up and down.

Feeling a bit anxious, she asked him, “So what’s the plan today?”

“I’m glad you asked,” he said. “Let’s walk through it before the students arrive.” She stood up. “First, I’m going to tell them about the importance of kissing to get their partner in the mood.”

This was surprisingly tame. Jenna nodded, thinking that perhaps this would be an easier but way more boring day than she had expected.

The professor moved toward her then. He began kissing her, his tongue rolling around inside her mouth. “Oh,” she said, surprised. It wasn’t an unpleasant surprise, though. The professor was quite attractive. She kissed him back. She liked the way he tasted.

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Preview: Jenna’s New Client (Life of an Escort series, #2)

Jenna's New ClientCold ice cream meets hot skin … 

When Jenna gets a call from a new client who wants to meet her in the mall food court, she imagines a game of naughty peek-a-boo. But when she arrives, the hot, dominant man has more in mind.

He leads his escort around the mall, having her try on clothes while he watches. He instructs her to take off her panties while other men are watching. And he asks to see all of her body while he remains fully clothed.

Finally, when she feels like she’s about to burst with desire, he begins teasing her with the tip of his cold ice cream cone. Will he ever fill her craving, or does he just want to control her by getting her worked up?

This is a 5,100-word rough erotic short featuring a dominant alpha male. If you’ve ever dreamed of showing off in public, this story is for you.


One day, Jenna got a call from a man she had never worked for before. A friend of hers who was also an escort had recommended that he call her. Her friend did only limited types of services, mostly meeting in hotels, but she knew that Jenna, on the other hand, was up for anything.

“I’d like to meet you in the mall,” said the man, who introduced himself as Brian, over the phone.

“The mall?” said Jenna, surprised. “Why the mall?”

“It’s always been a fantasy of mine,” he said simply.

She had had clients meet her in public before, of course, but it was usually at bars, where they wanted her to keep her distance but sit on a high barstool with no panties on, slyly opening and closing her legs so that only they could see. Some of them wanted other men to see too. She always liked working those gigs because they made her feel very attractive and wanted, even if they didn’t always end in sex. She wondered if this man was going to ask her to do the same thing. But at the mall? It seemed like an unlikely location for it.

Assuming this was going to be a sex-free meet-up where he only wanted to look, she asked, “Okay, what part of the mall do you want to meet in?” She was surprised that her friend had turned this gig down. It wasn’t really that unusual a request at all. Aside, that is, from the fact that bars were known for flirtation and hookups, whereas malls were not. But everyone had their kink. Who was she to judge?

“In the food court,” he said.

She wasn’t surprised. The food court was a natural location for discreetly flashing someone. She was a little disappointed, though, that they wouldn’t be getting away with something in Forever 21 or one of the other clothing shops. She imagined herself standing on her tiptoes, her short dress riding up in the back, revealing her shapely ass, no underwear on. Then again, they could always move to that afterword. The food court was a perfectly fine place to start. She wondered if he would be alone or if he would be watching with friends.…

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Preview: Jenna’s First Frat Party (Life of an Escort series, #1)

Jenna's First Frat PartyHow much can she handle?

Jenna has been an escort for one year, but she’s never been asked to do anything like this. She’s been invited to a frat party … as the entertainment.

When she arrives at the frat house, she’s asked to strip. Then she gets down on all fours on the coffee table in the middle of the room, where she stays all night while men wander around examining her from every angle, then taking their way with her if they choose.

As more and more men get in on the game, she wonders just how much pleasure she can take. Will she be able to satisfy all the hungry, dominant men who want a piece of her?

This is a 5,000-word rough erotic short involving group play among consenting adults. If you like the thought of being used for pleasure by many anonymous men, this story is sure to satisfy.


Jenna was excited. She had been hired to work a party at the local college campus. She had never been to this school before, but had heard about the crazy frat parties that sometimes took place there.

They’d found her through an ad in the local paper. She worked as an escort, and she enjoyed her job. But this, this was something she’d never done before. The man who had contacted her, one of the frat brothers, had said she would be open and available to anyone who came by and was interested. Just sitting there naked, on all fours, and ready to go. She had heard stories from other escorts who had done things like this, but she didn’t know what to actually expect.

She pulled into the lot of the big house with Greek letters on the side, feeling a little nervous but mostly excited, and looked around. It looked like any normal college frat house. There were inexpensive, old cars in the lot, and male students walking around with books and backpacks, looking like they were on their way to class. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, and it certainly didn’t look illicit. It didn’t look at all scandalous.

It didn’t look, frankly, like the kind of place that Jenna would have been hired come. She walked up to the door that she had been instructed to approach, and she rang the bell. The door required a key code entry, and the man who had contacted her on the phone had not given her the code.

When he answered her ring, she said, “I’m here for the party.”

“I’ll be right down,” the male voice said.

She waited, anxious. She felt her panties getting wet, thinking about what might happen that evening. When the man arrived, he was just as she had imagined him: he was well-built, blond, and looked as though he came from money. He was young, didn’t have a single line on his face, and seemed like he had never had a trouble in his life.


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Preview: Jenna’s First Job (Life of an Escort series, prequel)

She’s desperate for money. But how far is she willing to go?

Jenna’s been out of college for two months and can’t seem to find a job. She’s quickly running out of money when her favorite hotel bartender suggests that she try escorting. She is shocked — she’s always been a good girl. She couldn’t do something like that … could she? 

The bartender introduces her to Elizabeth, a beautiful escort who works the hotel, and Jenna decides to go along on one of Elizabeth’s dates — just to watch. Before long, though, she finds herself uncontrollably turned on by the way the dominant man orders Elizabeth around and the things he commands her to do. Try as she might to stay out of their encounter, Jenna just may end up doing more than simply watching.

This 5,800-word rough erotic short is the prequel to the Life of an Escort series. If you’ve ever fantasized about a kinky MFF encounter with a dominant alpha male, getting handcuffed to a bed, or being hired as a call girl, this is the story for you.


Jenna was sitting at her favorite bar on the ground floor of a beautiful old hotel, talking to her favorite bartender, Jacob. She was twenty-two years old, had recently graduated from college, and was desperately in need of a job. It had been only a couple of months since graduation, but nothing seemed to be working out and her money was disappearing quickly.

“What all have you tried?” Jacob asked her.

“I’ve applied for jobs as a waitress, a salesgirl at a clothing store, a barista at a coffee shop, and a few other things,” she said. “I majored in anthropology, and believe it or not, there just aren’t any anthropology jobs out there. And it doesn’t seem like there’s much else out there, either.” She was definitely getting worried. She knew the recession was making things difficult, but still, she was surprised at how difficult it had been. She was young, she was beautiful, and she had a sexy body. Men tended to find her attractive, and women tended to want to look like her. Didn’t that count for anything in customer service jobs?

“Well, if you’re getting desperate, there’s always work for you here,” Jacob told her.

“Thanks, but I don’t know the first thing about mixing drinks,” she said.

“I’m not talking about bartending.”

She was surprised. “Oh,” she said. “What are you talking about, then?”

He looked at her a moment, not saying anything. He seemed to be assessing her. Finally, he said, “There’s always work here as an escort.”

“Escort?” she asked, shocked. “You mean like a prostitute?”

“Yes,” he said. “It’s often like that. But it doesn’t always involve sex, and you get to decide when it does and when it doesn’t. You’d be totally in control. And,” he continued leaning over the bar toward her as though sharing a secret, “between you and me, some of the men we get around here are pretty good looking. And many are very wealthy too.”

Jenna was astonished. Sex for money? She’d always been a good girl, and had never considered that she might make money off her body. Could she really bring herself to do that, opening herself up to strange men in strange hotel rooms?

At the same time, though, it was an intriguing prospect. She loved sex, and lately had not been on many dates. The thought of having sex and getting paid for it too was certainly alluring.

“Look,” Jacob said, “you don’t have to decide right now. Maybe you could even go on a call with one of the other girls who works out of here. See what it’s like. There are certain men who enjoy being watched. You wouldn’t have to participate.”

Slowly, she nodded. There was certainly no harm in going on a call and just watching what happened. She couldn’t imagine that she would actually end up doing this, but fantasizing about it, learning about it couldn’t hurt.

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