Preview: Jenna’s First Frat Party (Life of an Escort series, #1)

Jenna's First Frat PartyHow much can she handle?

Jenna has been an escort for one year, but she’s never been asked to do anything like this. She’s been invited to a frat party … as the entertainment.

When she arrives at the frat house, she’s asked to strip. Then she gets down on all fours on the coffee table in the middle of the room, where she stays all night while men wander around examining her from every angle, then taking their way with her if they choose.

As more and more men get in on the game, she wonders just how much pleasure she can take. Will she be able to satisfy all the hungry, dominant men who want a piece of her?

This is a 5,000-word rough erotic short involving group play among consenting adults. If you like the thought of being used for pleasure by many anonymous men, this story is sure to satisfy.


Jenna was excited. She had been hired to work a party at the local college campus. She had never been to this school before, but had heard about the crazy frat parties that sometimes took place there.

They’d found her through an ad in the local paper. She worked as an escort, and she enjoyed her job. But this, this was something she’d never done before. The man who had contacted her, one of the frat brothers, had said she would be open and available to anyone who came by and was interested. Just sitting there naked, on all fours, and ready to go. She had heard stories from other escorts who had done things like this, but she didn’t know what to actually expect.

She pulled into the lot of the big house with Greek letters on the side, feeling a little nervous but mostly excited, and looked around. It looked like any normal college frat house. There were inexpensive, old cars in the lot, and male students walking around with books and backpacks, looking like they were on their way to class. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, and it certainly didn’t look illicit. It didn’t look at all scandalous.

It didn’t look, frankly, like the kind of place that Jenna would have been hired come. She walked up to the door that she had been instructed to approach, and she rang the bell. The door required a key code entry, and the man who had contacted her on the phone had not given her the code.

When he answered her ring, she said, “I’m here for the party.”

“I’ll be right down,” the male voice said.

She waited, anxious. She felt her panties getting wet, thinking about what might happen that evening. When the man arrived, he was just as she had imagined him: he was well-built, blond, and looked as though he came from money. He was young, didn’t have a single line on his face, and seemed like he had never had a trouble in his life.


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