Preview: Jenna’s New Client (Life of an Escort series, #2)

Jenna's New ClientCold ice cream meets hot skin … 

When Jenna gets a call from a new client who wants to meet her in the mall food court, she imagines a game of naughty peek-a-boo. But when she arrives, the hot, dominant man has more in mind.

He leads his escort around the mall, having her try on clothes while he watches. He instructs her to take off her panties while other men are watching. And he asks to see all of her body while he remains fully clothed.

Finally, when she feels like she’s about to burst with desire, he begins teasing her with the tip of his cold ice cream cone. Will he ever fill her craving, or does he just want to control her by getting her worked up?

This is a 5,100-word rough erotic short featuring a dominant alpha male. If you’ve ever dreamed of showing off in public, this story is for you.


One day, Jenna got a call from a man she had never worked for before. A friend of hers who was also an escort had recommended that he call her. Her friend did only limited types of services, mostly meeting in hotels, but she knew that Jenna, on the other hand, was up for anything.

“I’d like to meet you in the mall,” said the man, who introduced himself as Brian, over the phone.

“The mall?” said Jenna, surprised. “Why the mall?”

“It’s always been a fantasy of mine,” he said simply.

She had had clients meet her in public before, of course, but it was usually at bars, where they wanted her to keep her distance but sit on a high barstool with no panties on, slyly opening and closing her legs so that only they could see. Some of them wanted other men to see too. She always liked working those gigs because they made her feel very attractive and wanted, even if they didn’t always end in sex. She wondered if this man was going to ask her to do the same thing. But at the mall? It seemed like an unlikely location for it.

Assuming this was going to be a sex-free meet-up where he only wanted to look, she asked, “Okay, what part of the mall do you want to meet in?” She was surprised that her friend had turned this gig down. It wasn’t really that unusual a request at all. Aside, that is, from the fact that bars were known for flirtation and hookups, whereas malls were not. But everyone had their kink. Who was she to judge?

“In the food court,” he said.

She wasn’t surprised. The food court was a natural location for discreetly flashing someone. She was a little disappointed, though, that they wouldn’t be getting away with something in Forever 21 or one of the other clothing shops. She imagined herself standing on her tiptoes, her short dress riding up in the back, revealing her shapely ass, no underwear on. Then again, they could always move to that afterword. The food court was a perfectly fine place to start. She wondered if he would be alone or if he would be watching with friends.…

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