Preview: Earning Her Reward (Rough play between a bored housewife and a dominant stranger) – Cheating Wife Stories, book 2

Earning Her RewardDescription:  

He uses her body like her husband never would…. 

Ashley is baking a cake for her husband’s charity auction, but her mind is on sex. When she realizes that she’s out of sugar, she tries to find a neighbor to lend her some, feeling like a suburban cliche.

Dave, the well-built, shirtless man mowing the lawn down the street, is all too happy to help her out — for a price. As Ashley strips off her clothing and reluctantly caves to his demands, she earns more and more sugar … but the teaspoons aren’t adding up fast enough. If she wants to be done before her husband gets home, she’ll have to cross a few more lines and give this rough, dominant stranger what he really wants. Before long, she’s handcuffed and begging to break her marital vows while Dave cracks a whip up and down her body.

This 5,700-word short about a reluctant housewife eroticizes cheating. If that’s not something that gets you going, you won’t like this story!


Ashley was baking a cake, but in her mind she was back in the frat house where just a week earlier she had been taken roughly by two dominant guys who weren’t going to let her into their party otherwise. As one hand stirred together flour, salt, and baking soda, the other wandered up and down her body, remembering their touch.

Ashley still couldn’t believe that she had cheated on Mike, her husband, much less with two men at the same time. But when she was totally honest with herself, she had to admit that she had no regrets. Mike just didn’t satisfy her, and these men had known exactly how she wanted to be taken — roughly.

Absently, Ashley opened the cabinet and reached in for the sugar, remembering them reaching into her. It wasn’t there.

“Dammit!” she swore. She’d forgotten that she’d used the last of it in some cookies she’d made to welcome Mike back from his business trip at the end of the weekend. She’d felt guilty for what she’d been doing while he was gone.

He hadn’t suspected a thing, eating the cookies gratefully.

Ashley had a moment of panic about the sugar. She was already running late getting this cake baked for Mike’s company’s charity auction, and if she had to go to the store for sugar, there was no way she’d be done in time. Ashley and Mike lived in the suburbs, and the closest store was a 15-minute drive away. Add in time spent finding the sugar and then standing in line, and it would take way too long.

She considered honey, but wasn’t sure how to cake would turn out. She considered using all brown sugar, but decided she couldn’t risk it. It was the biggest cliché in the book, but there was only one answer: she’d have to ask her neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar. Two, actually.

Feeling foolish, Ashley slipped on flip-flops and headed outside. Most of the houses were empty and still, but across the street and two houses down, she saw a man mowing his front lawn. His shirt was off, and he was sweaty. She had to admit that she enjoyed looking at his buff chest, dripping with the effort of his chore.

Ashley approached the man, who didn’t notice her until she was almost right next to him, the noise of the engine was so loud. When he cut the engine, the air felt still around them.

“I’m so sorry to bother you,” Ashley began, “but I have a favor to ask.”

The man wiped sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. Oh, he was sexy alright. “I’m Ashley,” she said. “I live right there.” She pointed back at her own house.

“Dave,” the man said, extending his other hand. His grip was firm on her much smaller hand. “What can I do for you?”

“I feel so ridiculous asking you this, but I’m baking a cake for this charity auction my husband’s company is holding. And I just discovered I’m out of sugar.”

The man smiled at her, looking like he was trying not to laugh. “Oldest trick in the book,” he said.

“No!” Ashley protested. “I really am —”

“No worries,” Dave told her. “I think we have sugar. Come on inside.”

Gratefully, Ashley followed him up the steps and into his house. It looked much like hers, though the walls were painted seafoam green rather than Ashley and Mike’s gray. Otherwise, everything was the same. She hated the cookie-cutter house where they lived.

When Ashley heard the click of the lock behind her, she turned back with a start. “What are you doing?” she asked quickly, alarmed.

“I’m happy to give you your sugar, but what are you going to give me in return?” Dave asked.

Ashley was outraged. “Give you? What happened to neighbors doing favors for other neighbors?”

“I prefer tit for tat,” Dave said, reaching out toward her. He put his hand on her breast. She felt her nipple harden instinctively. Remembering the two men from the frat party, she wondered if she were capable of cheating on Mike again. And so soon.

Dave was standing in front of the door as though guarding it, though he didn’t look like he would actually prevent her from leaving. He looked like this was all a game to him.

Well, Ashley knew how to play games.

“I’ll just get it from someone else, then,” she said breezily. He stood with his arms folded over his chest, staring at her. He was still dripping with sweat down his bare chest. She definitely found him attractive. Without meaning to, she began imagining getting down on her knees in front of that hot body, and putting his cock in her mouth.


To keep reading Earning Her Reward and view the rest of Anya Aurelie’s catalog, visit Anya’s Amazon Author Central page



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