Preview: Dinner Party Blackmail (Rough group play between a teen housewife and three dominant men) – Cheating Wife Stories, book 3

It’s up to her: three men use her body as they wish … or they tell her husband what she’s done. 

When Ashley and her husband get invited to a dinner party thrown by Dave — the man she just cheated with — and his wife, Ashley is terrified about how it will go. Her husband cannot find out about how only a week before, Dave used and controlled her body for his pleasure, and she’s worried one of them will slip up. 

But she’s completely unprepared for what happens when she arrives. Rather than trying to protect their secret together, Dave betrays Ashley by offering her a deal: either she succumbs to his desires for a second time, or he tells her husband everything. And this time, his friends get to use her too.

Ashley is shocked by the blackmail. But what choice does she have? Between courses, with her husband and the men’s wives in the next room, she does as she’s told, increasingly excited by the kinky, dirty requests. But as the dominant men take things further and further, can they really avoid getting caught?

This 7,400-word erotic short contains rough sex, humiliation and submission, anal sex, and cheating spouses.


Ashley should’ve known that sleeping with a neighbor would not be a good idea. With the two frat guys she’d fucked, she never had to worry about seeing them again, but a neighbor? She hadn’t thought that one through very well.

Although Ashley had never noticed Dave before she’d needed to borrow sugar and ended up in his bed — and on his floor — once all was said and done, she couldn’t stop noticing him. She seemed to see him everywhere now.

And half the time, her husband, Mike, was with her. She didn’t think Mike suspected anything, but she wasn’t very good at keeping her cool.

One day, she and Mike ran into Dave and his wife while they were out to dinner in the neighborhood. Ashley flushed deep red upon spotting them on the other side of the restaurant, not sure what to say to either the man who had handcuffed her and fucked her hard, nor to his unsuspecting wife, and she hoped she wouldn’t have to say anything at all.

But Dave and his wife stopped by their table on their way out. “Hello, I think I’ve seen you around the neighborhood,” Dave said to her while they were finishing dessert.

Ashley almost choked on her bite of chocolate mousse. “Hi,” she said awkwardly. “Yes, I do think I recognize you. I’m Ashley, and this is my husband, Mike.” She put an emphasis on the word husband.

Dave stuck his hand out toward her. “I’m Dave, and this is Marjorie.” He looked amused at Ashley’s obvious embarrassment, and she guessed that this was not his first time cheating on Marjorie.

Everyone shook hands, and Mike expressed surprise that Dave and Marjorie lived so close to them, yet they’d never met.

“Yes, it really is a shame,” said Dave. “We should have you over to dinner to get to know one another better.”

Ashley froze in shock. She felt a shiver of fear go up her spine. Dinner? With her husband and a man she had so recently cheated on her husband with?

But of course, she couldn’t say that. Instead, she nodded weakly and said, “That sounds great,” with a forced smile.

“Wonderful,” Dave said, and she thought she detected a sadistic glint in his eyes. “How about this Saturday?”

“That seems perfect to me,” Mike said. “How about you, honey?”

Plans made, Mike and Ashley finished their dessert while Dave and Marjorie left the restaurant, but Ashley could no longer enjoy her mousse. All she could think about was what might happen on Saturday. Over the last few days since she had slept with Dave, she had thought often about his cock inside of her, the way he grabbed her and fucked her roughly, the way he forced himself into her mouth. She loved every second of it, and she daydreamed about it happening again — but not like this. Mike was not supposed to meet Dave. Their paths were not supposed to cross. She could not get caught. She and Mike might have their problems, but a continued affair just was not an option — and neither was divorce.

Yet, Ashley couldn’t help but start to feel wet in her panties at the thought of being in Dave’s house again. She remembered the seafoam green walls, the hard tile floor in the kitchen where she had been held down by Dave’s muscular body. She had to admit that more than once in the intervening days, she had lain in bed after Mike left for work, masturbating furiously at the memory of Dave’s thick shaft deep inside of her tight pussy.

On Saturday evening, Ashley’s nervousness had built to the point of almost bubbling over. She was so anxious she wasn’t sure she’d be able to eat at dinner. She pulled on a tight-fitting, curve-showing dress. They would not be able to play this evening, of course, but she still couldn’t fight the desire to look good for him.

She and Mike walked across the street together at 7 o’clock, Ashley’s heart in her throat as they knocked on the door. When Dave answered, Ashley was surprised to hear peals of female laughter coming from the dining room. Although she had not seen Dave’s dining room during her previous visit, the house was an exact replica of her own, so she knew right where the laughter was coming from. It was almost like being back in her own house, a bizarro version of her house.

“Are there others here tonight as well?” she asked.


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