Tied Down and Taken Hard, #2 (Bondage, fertile, cheating husband, forbidden, CMNF)

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She’s desperate to get dominated again.

It’s been days since May was tied up naked and in a compromising position by a forbidden man — her twin’s husband — and she’s craving more. But Amy’s keeping close tabs on May while she’s unemployed and under her roof, and Amy’s husband is scared of getting caught cheating.

If she wants to get used hard, May will have to be very, very good, not letting her eyes stray from the want ads while Joe takes control of her body. But if she breaks his rules, he’ll take it all away in an instant. He’ll keep her tied to his office chair all day if he has to, withholding pleasure and refusing to fill her up, unprotected the way she craves.

This 4,900-word short is for adults only! It contains explicit, rough oral and penetrative BDSM sex.


It was hard not to think about Joe’s firm cock inside of me while I strained against the rope he’d used to tie me down to the bed. In the days after I let my twin sister’s husband dominate and fuck me, it was practically all I could think about.

I remembered the way he’d teased me, keeping me there tied up with my pussy open and exposed to him, but refusing to touch me like I wanted. How he’d left me for hours in that position while he ignored me and worked at his computer, taking breaks every so often to slap my breasts or force-feed me his cock…before that glorious moment when he’d finally pushed inside of me and fucked me hard.

I remembered how I’d moaned around the ball gag, arched my back to push him deeper into my unprotected pussy, pulled on the rope and found that it wouldn’t give.

I wanted nothing more than to have that experience again, and from the moment Joe exploded his hot cum inside of me, I knew I would do whatever it took to get it.

Unfortunately, my sister was hounding me about getting a job, and I knew I couldn’t stay in Joe’s office on the pullout couch forever. During the day, I went out, dropping off resumes and speaking with hiring managers. In the evening, I had dinner with Amy and Joe as though nothing had happened. At night, I slept on the bed where I’d so recently been held captive, and I touched myself frantically thinking about the experience, reliving it in my mind.

After a few days, I couldn’t take it anymore. I’d started sleeping naked in hopes that Joe would catch me and be so turned on he’d want to overpower me and take me again, but after that first day he ignored me, coming into the office in the morning and starting work without even bothering to wake me up.

I didn’t know what he was thinking. I didn’t know whether he felt guilty for cheating, but I was determined to make it happen again.

“Hi Joe,” I said one morning, stretching as he came into the room while I lay in bed, my eyes just starting to adjust to the light. I saw him glance at my stretching body, taking in my long, bare leg that poked out from under the covers, my breasts pressing up against the fabric in mounds.

“Hi, May,” he said, and sat down at the computer with his back to me. “Going out job searching?”

If my sister didn’t ask me in detail about how I’d spent each day, I would’ve delayed a couple of hours and tried to work my way into Joe’s pants again, but I knew she’d call me lazy if I told her I didn’t leave the house until 10 or 11 in the morning. And she could always tell when I was lying.

I hesitated, then got out of bed like I did each morning and stood naked in Joe’s office. But this time, instead of rooting around in my suitcase for something to wear, I went to stand beside Joe, so close he couldn’t ignore me, so close that I could feel the heat coming off his body.


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