Preview: Unprotected With My Dad’s Best Friend, #2 (Fertile, forbidden, older man younger woman)

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A naughty 4,400-word short story about an almost-innocent college student who’s too tight for daddy’s friend…

Two weeks ago, Amber had her cherry popped by one of her dad’s three best friends. Another of his friends, Nate, lives right next door, and when Amber catches him naked and rock-hard about to step into his shower, she can’t think of anything else. She’s never been so wet and feverishly horny in her life.

But she never expects that she and Nate will run into each other totally naked…and all alone in the house. She also doesn’t expect just how huge he is up-close. Will Amber resist temptation, or will she risk it all a second time just to get taken hard and filled up unprotected by another forbidden, much-older man?


The bathroom windows in the house next door were starting to fog up, but I could still see clearly when the naked figure of one of my dad’s best friends, Nate, came into view.

My heart beat faster when I saw him and realized that he was naked. He stood with his back to me, and I took in the view like an addict. Nate was gorgeous, tanned and manly, and I’d been trying to hide my attraction to him and my dad’s other best friends for over a year now. I hadn’t always succeeded, I had to admit, thinking back on two weeks earlier, when Dad’s friend Jamie had popped my tight cherry in Dad’s bed while he was out getting beer and arguing on the phone with my mom.

If anything, Nate was even more attractive than Jamie. I could see his tight ass in front of the window, and he seemed oblivious to the fact that the blinds were open.

Or was he?

Nate turned toward the sink then, and I gasped when I saw him in profile. From this view, it was obvious that his cock was hard and straining, and I felt a stirring between my legs as I looked on. I reached down a put an experimental finger inside my panties, feeling between my delicate pussy lips. Yes, I was very wet.

I couldn’t stop thinking about losing my virginity to Jamie….and now that I’d had one of Dad’s best friends inside of me, I couldn’t stop imagining how the other two, Nate and Chris, would feel. I couldn’t stop touching myself, feeling how slick and wet the memory made me, how instantly horny I became when my mind turned to Jamie or the others.

It was like a dam had been broken — I’d been keeping my lust for them mostly at bay, but now that I’d fucked one of them, I knew that they were all a real possibility, more than just a crazy fantasy. I tried hard to think of other things when I rubbed myself, guys from my college, actors from my favorite shows, male porn stars…but the harder I tried to put my dad’s friends out of my mind, the more intense my desire for them became.

I loved how much older and wiser they were, how experienced. Jamie had known how to please me in a way that I knew a guy my age, nineteen, never could. His cock had done things to me that I didn’t know possible….


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