Preview: Pounded By My Boss, #2 (Fertile, forbidden, older man younger woman, CMNF)

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One week after Nina’s much-older boss, Brian, popped her tight cherry, she can’t stop fantasizing about him and touching herself, despite Brian’s warning that it can never happen again. But when her clothes get stolen while she’s teaching a swimming lesson, Nina must choose whether to return to the office for a meeting with Brian wet and nearly naked in the skintight swimsuit, or be late. Brian hates when his employees are late. What choice does she have?

Nina may be young and naive, but she wouldn’t mind if Brian stripped her naked, took her hard and unprotected on his desk again, and filled her up while he stays fully clothed. Even if it’s the middle of the workday and there’s a chance they’ll get caught. They’re playing a dangerous game…but some things are worth the risk.

This 5,000-word short features — and is intended for — only those 18 and up.


The night after my boss popped my tight cherry on top of his desk, I had vivid dreams about the moment my hymen gave way. In my dream, I could feel Brian starting to push into me, getting caught on the thin layer of skin protecting the untouched part of me, and then the delicate pop of pushing past it, opening me up, filling me with his thick cock.

And just like that, I was no longer a virgin. It had been an odd feeling, the sensation of something big and hard inside of me where I was used to nothing. But oh, it had felt so incredibly good. And then, when he had started moving in and out of me, using my tight cunt like a toy, I had almost exploded right away.

And it had all been worth it. Even in my dream I remembered the feeling of satisfaction — not only satisfaction at getting used in the way I’d long been fantasizing about, but satisfaction at the way I’d protected my job. Brian had revealed to me that there would be layoffs, something he shouldn’t have told me before anything was confirmed. And though I knew I’d be the first to go, I’d persuaded him to keep me on.

My pussy had persuaded him.

The next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed despite the vivid dreams. It was like getting fucked had rejuvenated me, and reliving it over and over throughout the night had only given me more energy. I was excited to go into work, to see Brian again, to reassure myself, perhaps, that it wasn’t all a dream, that it really had happened.

Yet I was nervous too. And I had all morning to anticipate seeing him again before our paths would ever actually cross. I taught swimming lessons in the morning at one of the city pools, then went into the Parks Department office in the afternoon for the other half of my job, the administrative assistant part.

I felt like a new person that day, as I taught my class. I noticed the fathers looking me up and down in my swimsuit, tight against my curves, and I felt proud. This was a body that had been used, that had been filled up with my boss’s cum. I stuck my breasts out further than normal and let my hips sashay back and forth as I followed my swimming students down the length of the pool from the deck.

By the time my lessons ended, though, I was a nervous wreck. I dressed in the pool restroom and drove to the office, and my heart was pounding as I pushed open the front door.

I didn’t see Brian. Would he avoid me? Would he want a repeat of yesterday? To be honest, I hadn’t thought about whether I’d want to fuck him again. I hadn’t thought at all past this moment, when I’d first see him again, and how he’d act toward me. But I had to admit that the thought of having him deep inside my unprotected pussy a second time made my clit throb, and I knew that if he wanted it, I wouldn’t be able to resist.


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Preview: Pounded By My Boss, #1 (First time, fertile, forbidden, older man younger woman, CMNF)

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She’s so horny…but he has all the power
When Nina finds out she’s at risk of getting laid off from her first-ever job, she decides to do whatever it takes to persuade her much-older boss, Brian, to keep her. She’ll work extra hard and stay at the office extra late. But once everyone else is gone, Nina discovers Brian’s dirty secret…and things go further than she could ever have predicted.

Now Nina must make a choice. Is keeping her job worth letting her boss pop her tight cherry, fill her up unprotected on his desk, and then lick her clean?

This 5,100-word explicit short story features — and is intended for — only those 18 and up.


I closed the stall door behind me and gratefully pushed my fingers into my panties, feeling the gush of wetness between my legs. Most everyone in the office was at lunch, so I had a few minutes to myself without much chance of getting caught.

Still, I was very, very quiet as I rubbed the protruding nub of my clit with increasing ferocity. My finger slid around on the slick surface with no resistance, and I let my finger wander down toward my hole, then back up, I imagining that I wasn’t all alone in the work restroom — imagining that I was about to finally lose my virginity to a thick, hard cock.

My hole was too tight to push more than one finger inside of, and then only gently. At eighteen, I still had a hymen, though I knew many virgins my age had broken theirs accidentally by then, bouncing on trampolines, practicing gymnastics, riding horses, or engaging in any number of activities I’d also done over the years.

Fuck, I was so horny. In fact, just about every day lately I’d been sneaking off to take care of myself during the workday. There was something about spending half of every day in a swimsuit that made me almost unable to contain myself — the feeling of the cool water entering my swimsuit, filling up the area between my pussy lips, cooling my clit. The knowledge that the parents at the pool were watching me, while pretending to watch their kids. The tight fabric of my suit stretched over my curves.

In my imagination, I was back in my bedroom, completely naked. A male figure stood behind me, and I was draped over the bed, my breasts pushed down into the comforter and my naked ass at a right angle to the guy as I stood there bent at the waist. I couldn’t tell who it was — it didn’t matter who it was. I just wanted to get fucked.

He spread open my ass and fingered my pussy with one finger, staring down at its pinkness. Then he slapped my sensitive skin with his hard cock once, twice, three times, before lining the tip up against my hole and pushing deep inside of me, popping me open for the first time ever.

Oh god, it would feel good. In my fantasy, it was the most amazing feeling in the world. And against my finger in that tiny bathroom stall, my clit began to throb as my body pulsed its release. I moaned out loud; I couldn’t help it. My cunt got wetter still as the orgasm shook me, took me over for those few seconds.

Finally, panting, I pulled my finger out of my panties and my pussy pulsed one last time. I licked my finger clean before exiting the stall, washing my hands, and returning to the real world…and my meeting with my boss, Brian.


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Preview: Unprotected With My Dad’s Best Friend, #3 (Fertile, forbidden, older man younger woman)

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“I need your help,” I said to Dad’s friend. “Untie my bikini?”

I batted my eyes as innocently as I could, then approached him and turned my back to him. I could feel his hesitance, but he reached out and pulled the strings first at my back, and then at my neck, and the fabric fell away from my skin….

A 5,100-word short story about getting dirty with a forbidden older man…

Amber has a naughty secret: She popped her cherry with one of her dad’s best friends and went for round two with another. Now there’s just one man left: Chris, a broad-chested, muscular forty-something. He’s twice her age, but she can’t seem to get him out of her mind. And if he’s as big and firm as the others, she’ll find any excuse to get him to lick her up and down, then take her hard and fill her up unprotected.

It’ll just be their little secret.


As I lay in bed, I let my finger drift down between my legs. I was sleeping naked, so my journey was unimpeded, and I reached between my soft pussy lips and coated my finger in my honey-like liquid. I was so wet.

I’d just woken up from a delicious dream, a dream in which my dad’s third best friend, Chris, was pumping in and out of me like a sex doll while I stared up at him and let myself be stretched open around his thick cock. I’d been just on the verge of coming when I’d woken up, and I wasn’t about to stop now.

I lifted my slick finger to my mouth and licked my juices off of myself. “Mmmm,” I moaned to myself, getting my finger even wetter in my mouth before returning to my pussy. My clit was so sensitive, it felt like I’d been touching myself, working myself up into a lather, for hours.

In a sense, I guess I had.

I pushed two fingers inside my warm, soft hole, imagining Chris’s cock. Would he be as big and hard as Dad’s other two best friends, Nate and Jamie, had been? Would he feel as good inside my tight cunt? Would he take control and use my body until I couldn’t help but shatter into a million pieces in orgasm, and then fill me up with spurt after spurt of his cum?

Oh god. As I imagined the sexy scene, my pussy got so wet I could hardly stand it. My whole hand was covered in juice, and the sheet on top of me was getting soaked. I pushed it off me and lay totally exposed on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“Chris,” I whispered, fingering myself harder and harder, my middle finger working in tiny movements around the nub of my clit while the other hand still pushed inside of myself. My breath got shallower, and soon I felt the descent of the inevitable orgasm as each movement of my finger caused me to draw in my breath in gasps, working me up further and further toward the point of no return.

“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned, imagining grabbing Chris’s face and kissing him hard, feeling his tongue descend into my mouth as he continued to plunge into me from above. I opened my legs wider to him and pushed deeper inside of myself, as deep as I could go. And then I let myself fall.

The pleasure wracked my body and pulsed throughout my core and my limbs. I could feel it in my fingertips and toes, could feel my face scrunching up in pleasure and my mouth forming a perfect O.

As I started to come down from the orgasm, a thought formed in my mind: I have to have that. I have to have him for real.


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