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Brady Catskill is a man who always gets what he wants. His desires are simple: beautiful women who disappear in the morning, and money—specifically, unrivaled success for the luxury hotel empire he built from the ground up. He’ll do whatever it takes to get his way, including destroy anyone in his path. But when a PR nightmare threatens to destroy him, it’s time to bring in backup—in the form of a sexy, if uptight, biographer to restore his reputation.

Julia Creavey is a small-town girl who dreams of making it big as a writer. Penning Brady’s memoir could be her big break—if only he weren’t such an arrogant ass. But as she digs further into the past of this self-made man, Julia discovers that below his polished, chiseled exterior, Brady has dark secrets—secrets he’s worked hard to conceal. He refuses to let anyone in, least of all the writer he’s hired to share his story with the world.

Brady has been running his whole life. Part of him still feels like the struggling tough guy who spent his youth getting in bar fights and shielding his younger siblings from their rough upbringing. Trusting Julia could destroy everything he’s worked for—but it may also help him finally heal his wounds.

Julia has secrets too. The more she learns about Brady, the more her own past is exposed. She’s determined to keep her distance from him with both her body and her heart. So what does it mean that she can’t stay away?

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