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Preview: Pounded By My Boss, #1 (First time, fertile, forbidden, older man younger woman, CMNF)

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She’s so horny…but he has all the power
When Nina finds out she’s at risk of getting laid off from her first-ever job, she decides to do whatever it takes to persuade her much-older boss, Brian, to keep her. She’ll work extra hard and stay at the office extra late. But once everyone else is gone, Nina discovers Brian’s dirty secret…and things go further than she could ever have predicted.

Now Nina must make a choice. Is keeping her job worth letting her boss pop her tight cherry, fill her up unprotected on his desk, and then lick her clean?

This 5,100-word explicit short story features — and is intended for — only those 18 and up.


I closed the stall door behind me and gratefully pushed my fingers into my panties, feeling the gush of wetness between my legs. Most everyone in the office was at lunch, so I had a few minutes to myself without much chance of getting caught.

Still, I was very, very quiet as I rubbed the protruding nub of my clit with increasing ferocity. My finger slid around on the slick surface with no resistance, and I let my finger wander down toward my hole, then back up, I imagining that I wasn’t all alone in the work restroom — imagining that I was about to finally lose my virginity to a thick, hard cock.

My hole was too tight to push more than one finger inside of, and then only gently. At eighteen, I still had a hymen, though I knew many virgins my age had broken theirs accidentally by then, bouncing on trampolines, practicing gymnastics, riding horses, or engaging in any number of activities I’d also done over the years.

Fuck, I was so horny. In fact, just about every day lately I’d been sneaking off to take care of myself during the workday. There was something about spending half of every day in a swimsuit that made me almost unable to contain myself — the feeling of the cool water entering my swimsuit, filling up the area between my pussy lips, cooling my clit. The knowledge that the parents at the pool were watching me, while pretending to watch their kids. The tight fabric of my suit stretched over my curves.

In my imagination, I was back in my bedroom, completely naked. A male figure stood behind me, and I was draped over the bed, my breasts pushed down into the comforter and my naked ass at a right angle to the guy as I stood there bent at the waist. I couldn’t tell who it was — it didn’t matter who it was. I just wanted to get fucked.

He spread open my ass and fingered my pussy with one finger, staring down at its pinkness. Then he slapped my sensitive skin with his hard cock once, twice, three times, before lining the tip up against my hole and pushing deep inside of me, popping me open for the first time ever.

Oh god, it would feel good. In my fantasy, it was the most amazing feeling in the world. And against my finger in that tiny bathroom stall, my clit began to throb as my body pulsed its release. I moaned out loud; I couldn’t help it. My cunt got wetter still as the orgasm shook me, took me over for those few seconds.

Finally, panting, I pulled my finger out of my panties and my pussy pulsed one last time. I licked my finger clean before exiting the stall, washing my hands, and returning to the real world…and my meeting with my boss, Brian.


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Preview: Unprotected With My Dad’s Best Friend, #3 (Fertile, forbidden, older man younger woman)

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“I need your help,” I said to Dad’s friend. “Untie my bikini?”

I batted my eyes as innocently as I could, then approached him and turned my back to him. I could feel his hesitance, but he reached out and pulled the strings first at my back, and then at my neck, and the fabric fell away from my skin….

A 5,100-word short story about getting dirty with a forbidden older man…

Amber has a naughty secret: She popped her cherry with one of her dad’s best friends and went for round two with another. Now there’s just one man left: Chris, a broad-chested, muscular forty-something. He’s twice her age, but she can’t seem to get him out of her mind. And if he’s as big and firm as the others, she’ll find any excuse to get him to lick her up and down, then take her hard and fill her up unprotected.

It’ll just be their little secret.


As I lay in bed, I let my finger drift down between my legs. I was sleeping naked, so my journey was unimpeded, and I reached between my soft pussy lips and coated my finger in my honey-like liquid. I was so wet.

I’d just woken up from a delicious dream, a dream in which my dad’s third best friend, Chris, was pumping in and out of me like a sex doll while I stared up at him and let myself be stretched open around his thick cock. I’d been just on the verge of coming when I’d woken up, and I wasn’t about to stop now.

I lifted my slick finger to my mouth and licked my juices off of myself. “Mmmm,” I moaned to myself, getting my finger even wetter in my mouth before returning to my pussy. My clit was so sensitive, it felt like I’d been touching myself, working myself up into a lather, for hours.

In a sense, I guess I had.

I pushed two fingers inside my warm, soft hole, imagining Chris’s cock. Would he be as big and hard as Dad’s other two best friends, Nate and Jamie, had been? Would he feel as good inside my tight cunt? Would he take control and use my body until I couldn’t help but shatter into a million pieces in orgasm, and then fill me up with spurt after spurt of his cum?

Oh god. As I imagined the sexy scene, my pussy got so wet I could hardly stand it. My whole hand was covered in juice, and the sheet on top of me was getting soaked. I pushed it off me and lay totally exposed on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“Chris,” I whispered, fingering myself harder and harder, my middle finger working in tiny movements around the nub of my clit while the other hand still pushed inside of myself. My breath got shallower, and soon I felt the descent of the inevitable orgasm as each movement of my finger caused me to draw in my breath in gasps, working me up further and further toward the point of no return.

“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned, imagining grabbing Chris’s face and kissing him hard, feeling his tongue descend into my mouth as he continued to plunge into me from above. I opened my legs wider to him and pushed deeper inside of myself, as deep as I could go. And then I let myself fall.

The pleasure wracked my body and pulsed throughout my core and my limbs. I could feel it in my fingertips and toes, could feel my face scrunching up in pleasure and my mouth forming a perfect O.

As I started to come down from the orgasm, a thought formed in my mind: I have to have that. I have to have him for real.


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Preview: Unprotected With My Dad’s Best Friend, #2 (Fertile, forbidden, older man younger woman)

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A naughty 4,400-word short story about an almost-innocent college student who’s too tight for daddy’s friend…

Two weeks ago, Amber had her cherry popped by one of her dad’s three best friends. Another of his friends, Nate, lives right next door, and when Amber catches him naked and rock-hard about to step into his shower, she can’t think of anything else. She’s never been so wet and feverishly horny in her life.

But she never expects that she and Nate will run into each other totally naked…and all alone in the house. She also doesn’t expect just how huge he is up-close. Will Amber resist temptation, or will she risk it all a second time just to get taken hard and filled up unprotected by another forbidden, much-older man?


The bathroom windows in the house next door were starting to fog up, but I could still see clearly when the naked figure of one of my dad’s best friends, Nate, came into view.

My heart beat faster when I saw him and realized that he was naked. He stood with his back to me, and I took in the view like an addict. Nate was gorgeous, tanned and manly, and I’d been trying to hide my attraction to him and my dad’s other best friends for over a year now. I hadn’t always succeeded, I had to admit, thinking back on two weeks earlier, when Dad’s friend Jamie had popped my tight cherry in Dad’s bed while he was out getting beer and arguing on the phone with my mom.

If anything, Nate was even more attractive than Jamie. I could see his tight ass in front of the window, and he seemed oblivious to the fact that the blinds were open.

Or was he?

Nate turned toward the sink then, and I gasped when I saw him in profile. From this view, it was obvious that his cock was hard and straining, and I felt a stirring between my legs as I looked on. I reached down a put an experimental finger inside my panties, feeling between my delicate pussy lips. Yes, I was very wet.

I couldn’t stop thinking about losing my virginity to Jamie….and now that I’d had one of Dad’s best friends inside of me, I couldn’t stop imagining how the other two, Nate and Chris, would feel. I couldn’t stop touching myself, feeling how slick and wet the memory made me, how instantly horny I became when my mind turned to Jamie or the others.

It was like a dam had been broken — I’d been keeping my lust for them mostly at bay, but now that I’d fucked one of them, I knew that they were all a real possibility, more than just a crazy fantasy. I tried hard to think of other things when I rubbed myself, guys from my college, actors from my favorite shows, male porn stars…but the harder I tried to put my dad’s friends out of my mind, the more intense my desire for them became.

I loved how much older and wiser they were, how experienced. Jamie had known how to please me in a way that I knew a guy my age, nineteen, never could. His cock had done things to me that I didn’t know possible….


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Preview: Unprotected With My Dad’s Best Friend, #1 (First time, fertile, forbidden, older man younger woman)

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A 5,500-word erotic story about lusting after the wrong man…

Amber is unbearably horny. She’s in her second year of college, but she can’t seem to find anyone interested in popping her tight cherry. To make matters worse, she can’t stop fantasizing about three forbidden older men — her dad’s best friends — including Jamie, who has a warm, rock-hard body and a huge bulge in his pants.

But when she walks in on Jamie almost naked and decides to confide her troubles in him, she never could’ve expected what would happen next…or how close they’d both get to destroying everything.

But regardless of the risks, Amber’s been waiting to get spread open and filled up for years — and there’s no way she’ll let Jamie pull out now.


I leaned in toward Shawn as he poured our drinks, squeezing my breasts together to emphasize my cleavage. He glanced over and looked down my shirt, and I felt a giddy thrill at his gaze. Would tonight finally be the night I’d lose my virginity?

But a moment later he’d returned to pouring cheap tequila into the red plastic Solo cups, then topping it with the margarita mix I hated so much.

“Here you go, Amber, Shawn’s famous margaritas,” he said cockily, handing me a cup, and I pretended like he’d actually put in some effort.

“Mmm, delicious,” I moaned, licking my lips in what I hoped was a seductive way, a way that would get him thinking about what else I could do with those lips. I was so horny in those days I would’ve fucked almost anyone who would have me, I just wanted to know what it was like to get filled up. The margarita was syrupy-sweet, fake tasting, and not cold enough, but I’d be damned if I wouldn’t force it down my throat and pretend I loved every drop.

Just like I wanted to force Shawn’s cock down my throat, and take in every drop of his cum. I wanted him to spread me open and pop my tight cherry so badly I felt almost feverish. I would’ve done anything to make him want me. And if getting it meant putting up with his lame attempts at bartending, so be it.

But Shawn didn’t seem to be getting the hint about what I wanted from him.

The lights went out then and colored lights appeared in their place, bouncing around the room. “Dance party!” someone screamed.

While bodies began gyrating around me, I closed my eyes for a split second. An image of Dad’s three best buddies popped into my mind, shirtless and drinking from these same plastic cups last summer when we’d gone out on a party boat on the lake. They were over twice my age, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I’d flashed on that image, other than drinking from the same cup.

But these cups were everywhere. Surely there was more to it.

That day had stuck in my mind for some reason, and if I was honest with myself I’d flashed on it several times since then — even sometimes when I was masturbating. Growing up, my dad’s friends had been just that, but that day on the lake I saw them as men for the first time, muscular and strong and powerful…and it was clear they noticed my curves for the first time too. I’d seen the outline of their cocks when they’d come out of the water with their swim trunks clinging to their bodies, and my nipples had hardened as their eyes washed over my bikini-clad body.

I made myself open my eyes. There was no point thinking about that — those men were off-limits. First of all, they were way too old for me, and even if they weren’t, they were my dad’s friends, people who had known me since I was little. I still lived with my dad even though I was in my second year of college, so fantasizing about these men was all the more forbidden.


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Tied Down and Taken Hard, #3 (Bondage, MFM, fertile, cheating husband, forbidden, CMNF)

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May loves getting tied up and used hard by her twin’s husband, Joe, but this time it seems they’re going to get caught for sure. She’s still restrained, exposed, and dripping in his home office when Amy comes home. If Joe can’t keep his wife distracted, they’ll both be out on the street.

But May can’t untie herself. She’s going to need help…maybe from a sexy neighbor who wouldn’t mind dominating her naked body first, while he stays clothed. It’s so wrong and so risky, but there’s just no pulling out until May’s been filled up and glazed by both men.

Warning! This short story contains explicit, rough MFM threesome sex, and contains language and imagery that some readers may find offensive.


My twin sister’s husband had just pulled his cock out of my tight hole as we heard her call out in the still house, “Joe? May? Are you here?”

My heart was pounding. I thought, This is it.

Amy was about to catch me fucking her husband.

I pulled at the ropes tying me to Joe’s office chair once again, though I knew already that they wouldn’t budge. My breasts bounced as I struggled, but nothing gave.

When we’d heard Amy’s voice, Joe had quickly tucked his softening cock back inside his pants and zipped up. Now he jumped toward the door, racing out to meet Amy in the front hallway before she could wander back to Joe’s home office to find us.

Because if she’d walked in on us, all would be lost.

Normally I would’ve been able to deny it. If I’d just been naked, I could’ve said, “Oh, I was just changing clothes.” After all, I’d been sleeping in Joe’s office since moving in with Amy and Joe at the beginning of the week. Whether my twin, who knew my “lying” face like it was her own — because it was — would believe me was a different story, but the point was I could try.

But this…There was no explaining away the position I was currently in. Joe had tied me down to his office chair with rope, completely naked, my knees pulled up so that my pussy was open and exposed, the first thing you’d see when you walked into the room. Worse yet, my pussy was dripping with Joe’s cum, stretched out and obviously used. He’d also wrapped the rope over my neck, securing me tightly to the chair, my hands tied behind me.

There was no explaining this. There was no way to pretend this was all a misunderstanding.

Out in the hall, I heard Joe greet his wife, only a hint of anxiety in his voice. “Amy! You’re home early.”

“No, I’m not,” she said, sounding confused, and I struggled against the rope again, testing it for weakness. Again, it was pointless — after all, I’d been tied here for the past eight hours already while Amy had been at work. Clearly Joe was an expert with the rope, given that he knew how to tie it tight enough that I couldn’t get free, but not so tight that it would hurt me.

I wondered briefly who he’d learned to do that with. Obviously not his wife.

“What’s going on?” my sister’s voice asked. “You look flushed.”


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Tied Down and Taken Hard, #2 (Bondage, fertile, cheating husband, forbidden, CMNF)

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She’s desperate to get dominated again.

It’s been days since May was tied up naked and in a compromising position by a forbidden man — her twin’s husband — and she’s craving more. But Amy’s keeping close tabs on May while she’s unemployed and under her roof, and Amy’s husband is scared of getting caught cheating.

If she wants to get used hard, May will have to be very, very good, not letting her eyes stray from the want ads while Joe takes control of her body. But if she breaks his rules, he’ll take it all away in an instant. He’ll keep her tied to his office chair all day if he has to, withholding pleasure and refusing to fill her up, unprotected the way she craves.

This 4,900-word short is for adults only! It contains explicit, rough oral and penetrative BDSM sex.


It was hard not to think about Joe’s firm cock inside of me while I strained against the rope he’d used to tie me down to the bed. In the days after I let my twin sister’s husband dominate and fuck me, it was practically all I could think about.

I remembered the way he’d teased me, keeping me there tied up with my pussy open and exposed to him, but refusing to touch me like I wanted. How he’d left me for hours in that position while he ignored me and worked at his computer, taking breaks every so often to slap my breasts or force-feed me his cock…before that glorious moment when he’d finally pushed inside of me and fucked me hard.

I remembered how I’d moaned around the ball gag, arched my back to push him deeper into my unprotected pussy, pulled on the rope and found that it wouldn’t give.

I wanted nothing more than to have that experience again, and from the moment Joe exploded his hot cum inside of me, I knew I would do whatever it took to get it.

Unfortunately, my sister was hounding me about getting a job, and I knew I couldn’t stay in Joe’s office on the pullout couch forever. During the day, I went out, dropping off resumes and speaking with hiring managers. In the evening, I had dinner with Amy and Joe as though nothing had happened. At night, I slept on the bed where I’d so recently been held captive, and I touched myself frantically thinking about the experience, reliving it in my mind.

After a few days, I couldn’t take it anymore. I’d started sleeping naked in hopes that Joe would catch me and be so turned on he’d want to overpower me and take me again, but after that first day he ignored me, coming into the office in the morning and starting work without even bothering to wake me up.

I didn’t know what he was thinking. I didn’t know whether he felt guilty for cheating, but I was determined to make it happen again.

“Hi Joe,” I said one morning, stretching as he came into the room while I lay in bed, my eyes just starting to adjust to the light. I saw him glance at my stretching body, taking in my long, bare leg that poked out from under the covers, my breasts pressing up against the fabric in mounds.

“Hi, May,” he said, and sat down at the computer with his back to me. “Going out job searching?”

If my sister didn’t ask me in detail about how I’d spent each day, I would’ve delayed a couple of hours and tried to work my way into Joe’s pants again, but I knew she’d call me lazy if I told her I didn’t leave the house until 10 or 11 in the morning. And she could always tell when I was lying.

I hesitated, then got out of bed like I did each morning and stood naked in Joe’s office. But this time, instead of rooting around in my suitcase for something to wear, I went to stand beside Joe, so close he couldn’t ignore me, so close that I could feel the heat coming off his body.


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Preview: Tied Down and Taken Hard, #1 (Bondage, fertile, cheating husband, forbidden, CMNF)

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She needs to be used.
May’s husband never knew how to play rough with her, so she left him to find someone who will. Turns out, that person may be closer than she thinks….She moves in with Amy, the one person who looks just like her but couldn’t be more different. But Amy’s husband is not too happy about having his home office used as May’s sleeping quarters.

May is distracting, and she can’t even pay rent. So he offers a deal: He’ll force her to be quiet and still by tying her up to the bed, spread open and naked with a gag in her mouth, and dominate her however he wants when he takes breaks from working. It seems like the perfect arrangement: May will get used hard like she’s always wanted, and Joe will get to take a woman who looks like his wife in ways Amy would never allow — and then fill her up unprotected.

This 5,700-word story contains explicit oral and penetrative BDSM sex and is intended only for those 18 and older.


I left my husband last week, but I’m not all that broken up about it. He never knew how to fuck me right anyway.

Oh, I know, sex is not the most important thing in marriage. But when you’ve spent the last seven years getting fucked by someone so timid you can hardly tell he’s inside of you, it starts to take on added importance.

By the end, I was dreaming of getting fucked hard. I was dreaming of getting tied down and having a hard cock shoved into my tight, juicy cunt, being forced to suck and fuck like some kind of sex slave. And it just got to be too much — I knew I had to go out and find what I needed.

But first, I had to leave my husband and take up temporary residence with my twin sister.

Little did I know that in that very first step, I would find exactly what I was looking for.

“So what are you going to do?” Amy asked me the day I arrived, leaning back against her immaculate kitchen counter. Although we were identical twins, our personalities were nothing alike. I was impulsive, while she thought everything through in excruciating detail. I loved to have fun, while she preferred planning for the future. I’d always let my true colors fly, while she wanted to present a positive face to the world. We didn’t see each other often because every time we did, we seemed to end up in some stupid argument. Now, though, I wasn’t sure where else to turn.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” I said, frustrated already. “I only just left. That’s why I’m here — I need time to just think and make a plan.”

“May, this is serious. Are you looking for jobs?” she persisted. “Are you trained in any sort of professional skills?”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Again,” I said, trying to stay patient, “I’m just at the very beginning of thinking about all of this. It’s only been half a day.” The part I didn’t say was that I’d been thinking about sex more than — that in the hours since I’d left Rob, I’d thought about getting a job exactly zero times, and thought about finding the first new man to cram my cunt full of his hard cock almost endlessly.

You could tell just by looking that Amy and I were polar opposites. We both had the same DD-cup breasts, the same thin waist and curvy hips, the same round ass, but what we chose to do with those features was very different.

Amy wore button-up shirts seven days a week that hid her breasts under loose fabric and left not even a hint of cleavage on view at the top. I preferred tank tops or scoop-neck tees that were tight enough to show off every bit of my curves. She wore jeans or long skirts, while I chose skirts that ended at mid-thigh and high heels to elongate my legs further.

I knew what we had, and I was proud of it. Why my identical twin thought so differently about our assets was a mystery to me.

But I knew that Amy didn’t approve of my choices — everything from the way I dressed myself to the fact that I’d spent the last seven years as an unemployed housewife, to the fact that I’d left Rob over sexual incompatibility.


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